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Inspiration and emulation - the drive to create

Inspiration and emulation – the drive to create

(Originally posted on the Particulars community site)

I’ve been doing a fair bit of reflection about Particulars lately. We’ve been planning the final stages of the game’s development, forcing me to really think about what’s important in the game, and why we’ve made it this way.

A lot of this comes back to inspirations – the things that make us create what we do. So today, I’m going to talk about…

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v0.6.1.0 - More Weak Force, More Magic

v0.6.1.0 – More Weak Force, More Magic

Version has just been released on Steam! Changes are:

  • Chapter 7! More weak force!
  • Particles spawning on other particles no longer a problem (by magic!)
  • In-game story for chapters 1-2 updated
  • Small bug fixes

I ended up not putting the audio changes in this build, coz we haven’t adjusted the volume settings and they sound kinda horrible. If you’re desperate to hear what it’s like, you can…

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